ARTWELD - everything for welding

Who we are and what we do

  • Artweld is a medium-sized trading company which focuses on selling of welding equipment.
  • Artweld offers wide variety of products for welding together with expert-consulting and advisory.
  • Artweld also produces welding jigs and control fixtures for automated welding
  • Artweld provides professional welding education in its 2 welding schools.
  • Artweld is able to design & deliver best welding solutions for various types of customers – including major automotive companies.
  • Artweld is a certified company according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.

Artweld in numbers

72 zaměstnanců

up to 90 employees

eshop svařování

21 product categories 


20+ years of experience


2 welding schools

prodejny svařování, artweld

4 stores for welders

dokumentace 3d měření, artweld

40.000+ items to choose from

How can we help you?

welding stores artweld

The customers may visit our 4 brick-and-mortar stores to get quality equipment for their everyday work!

Cubing, cubingový přípravek, svařovací přípravek, welding jig, Artweld robotics

Representatives from automotive companies work with us on design and manufacturing of amazing control fixtures and welding jigs.

Welding robots, Centre for robotics and automation, centrum robotizace a automatizace svařování, Artweld

Our consultants visit major production plants and are ready to suggest best solutions even for robotic welding.


Education is more than gold! Thats why we offer useful courses in welding for those who are not affraid to play with fire!

Servisní technik servis svářeček, welding machine repairs, service

Is there something wrong with your equipment? Guys in our service will fix it, clean it and put it back into operation!

Lorch cobot, svařování, robotizace, kobot, lorch, artweld

Work smarter not harder!  Let us show you how robots, cobots and other smart peripherals may push efficiency of your production to higher level!

What can we offer?

  • Manual welding machines
  • Manual welding torches
  • Stud welding, induction heating
  • Resistance welding
  • Welding automatization
  • Robotic welding
  • Plasma cutting
  • Burning tables
  • Laser cutting
  • Band and circular saws
  • Saw bands and blades
  • Industrial fumes exhaustion
  • Screw and piston compressors
  • Hand and power tools
  • Power generators
  • 3D tables
  • Autogenous welding equipment
  • Technical gases
  • Welding consumables
  • Cutting and abrasive materials
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Auto-darkening welding helmets
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Other welding accessories
svářečské kukly norling artweld svářecí technika liberec
brusné a řezné kotouče, brusivo, řezivo, artweld
technické plyny, artweld, prodej technických plynů, plyny pro svařování

Why cooperate with us?

1. Expert knowledge

Thanks to our deep knowledge of welding processes and welding equipment we are able to select and recommend the best solutions for our customers and their needs.

2. Hands-on approach

We don’t sell just boxes with machines. We are always ready to get our hands dirty and make practical presentations of equipment – both in your facility or in our welding schools. We are also able to design or improve work procedures which help our customers to achieve better results.

3. We build relationships

Our aim is not just sell but to build relationships – both with the customers and with the suppliers. Thus, we are able to put things and people into action which brings benefits and value everybody.

Odporové svařování, resistance welding, precision, Artweld
Artweld svářečská technika, welding equipment
Artweld, vše pro svařování, Artweld anything for welding

Our corporate responsibility (CSR)

  • Artweld helps to make strong connections between our customers and reliable welding technology.
  • Artweld expects our suppliers to follow basic requirements which concern human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and corruption.
  • Artweld is honest and socially responsible company. All business activities are made in accordance with legal regulations of the Czech Republic
  • Artweld prioritizes to sustain environmental protection.
  • Artweld commits to make effort to ensure that the products in our offer do not contain conflict minerals.

Get in touch!

Are you interested in working with us? Let us know! Besides Czech and Slovak, we speak English, German and some other languages too. You may contact us via e-mail, phone or our social networks.


+420 482 345 556 


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